Indian Institute of Information Technology Vadodara
(Institute of National Importance under Act of Parliament)

PhD Scholars

  • Vikas Jain

    M.Tech (ICT)
    ID : 201671001
    Areas of Interest : Medical Image Analysis using Deep Learning
  • Vijayashekhar S Sankannanavar

    M.Tech in Digital Electronics and Advanced Communication
    ID : 201671003
    Areas of Interest : Hyperspectral Imaging(Spectral Unmixing), Signal and Image Processing
  • Dharna Bhatt

    M.Phil (English literature)
    ID : 201672001
    Areas of Interest : Applied Linguistics
  • Debabrata Hazra

    M.Phil. (Central University of Gujarat)
    ID : 201672002
    Areas of Interest : English Literature, Science Fiction, Gender Studies, Diaspora Studies, Bengali Literature.
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  • Ashish Patel in Computer Engineering
    ID : 201771002
    Areas of Interest : Data Analytics,Machine Learning
  • Amit Kumar Dwivedi

    M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering
    ID : 201771004
    Areas of Interest : Information Security, Privacy
  • Maitri R. Pathak

    Master of Science in Physics
    ID : 201773002
    Areas of Interest : Quantum Mechanics
  • Spandankumar Ranpariya

    M.Sc. (Physics)
    ID : 201773003
    Areas of Interest : Condensed Matter Physics
  • Swati Rai

    Mtech in Wireless Communication
    ID : 201871001
    Areas of Interest : Wireless Communication, Signal Processing, Compressed Sensing
  • Mandar Jatkar

    M.Tech in Digital Electronics and Communication System from Visvesvaraya Technological University Karnataka
    ID : 201871002
    Areas of Interest : Device-Circuit Co-Design, Hybrid Device-Circuit Interaction, Novel Semiconductor Device Design and Modeling.
  • Sanjay Singha

    M.Sc in Mathematics
    ID : 201873001
    Areas of Interest : Commutative Algebra
  • Sahani Pooja Jaiprakash

    M.Tech in Computer Engineering
    ID : 202071001
    Areas of Interest : Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Deep Learning, Forensics Security.