The primary aim of IIIT Vadodara Library is to support research, teaching and learning of the institute community. The Library is one of the central support services of IIIT Vadodara. The mission of the Library is to provide information services and access to full text digital and printed resources to support the scholarly and informational needs of faculty, students and staff. The Library is in fast growing stage. It was started in December 2015 with approximately 350 books. In March 2016 Library subscribed online ACM Digital library database. During this short span of time, the library has acquired a good number of books and electronic resources. The library has a good collection of books on Computer Science, Information Technology, Physics, Mathematics, Humanities & Social Sciences and also technical and general print magazines. The collection includes reference books, text books, CDs etc. We are constantly in a process of increasing our collection of books further.

Students must follow the rules and regulations mentioned in the Library Circulation Policy.