Indian Institute of Information Technology Vadodara
(Institute of National Importance under Act of Parliament)


  • To create leaders who will be at the forefront of innovation, creating and applying pivotal technologies that will transform the world of tomorrow, and seek solution to problems of our businesses and our society.


  • To deliver world-class education to students so that they excel in deep technical know-how including in new technologies, creativity, social awareness, entrepreneurial skills and lifelong learning.
  • To conduct curiosity-driven and problem-led research that generates transformative ideas that will improve our society and our world.
  • To Promote a transparent culture which prizes practical learning, innovation, problem-solving, teamwork, adaptation to change and entrepreneurship.
  • To Engage and develop educators who are responsible to educate the next generation and to ensure that we always meet our exacting standards for education, research and culture.


  • To increase the student capacity to meet the growing demands for the industry leaders from domestic and international markets. Further to produce high quality graduates B.Tech., M.Tech., and Ph.D. with high employer reputation.
  • Achieve international standards in student faculty ratio, doctoral students to Post graduate students ratio, research output, publications in quality journals and placement of students.
  • To improve the quality of life of people in general and socio-economic environment in and around the institute in particular as outreach and social responsibility activities.
  • To have state of art infrastructure and the environment to achieve the vision and mission of the institute.
  • To attract talented human resources to join in Masters and PhD programmes and recruit top quality faculty members.
  • To hire trained/ train, faculty and staff to promote a transparent culture.
  • To make significant contributions to the technology towards nation development.