Indian Institute of Information Technology Vadodara
(Institute of National Importance under Act of Parliament)

"Cradle Song A Compendium of Indian Science Fiction Stories" got published by Sara Publications. This book is a compilation of short science fiction stories by students of IIITV (3rd year and 4th year)

  • Ayyar Meghna P
  • Kartik Sayani
  • Rahul Nalawade
  • Prateek Paliwal
  • Vaishnav Vishal
  • Krishnaunni Vadakkathyl
  • Diksha Chhabra
  • Kenneth Tenny
  • Parul Bindal
  • Akhil Sai Chikkala
  • Ajay Shewale
  • Bogadi Ranga Venkata Sai Prahlad

  • These handful of Engineering students carrying forward the legacy of imagination and an alternative world of possibilities came up with twelve stories as a part of their elective course Science Fiction. All these twelve stories, which are science fiction stories, cover a wide array of themes like the future, alternative timelines, mutants, androids, humanoids, wormholes, and paranormal abilities. And these themes are well supported by human emotions of fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy, revenge, happiness and love. All the stories in this collection are based on stories about people and their tryst with science and technology. Each story is unique in its vision and treatment.