Indian Institute of Information Technology Vadodara
(Institute of National Importance under Act of Parliament)

Institute Visiting Faculty Members

  • Prof. Ajit Pal

    (Retired from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur.)
    Ph.D. (Computer Engineering)
    Calcutta University
    Areas of Interest : Embedded Systems ,VLSI Circuits and Systems, Computer Networks, Computer Architecture
    Contact :
  • Das, Manik Lal

    Ph.D. (Information Technology)
    IIT Bombay
    Areas of Interest : Information Security, Cryptography, System Design and Analysis
    Contact :
  • Radha Parikh

    Ph.D. Special Education (study of educators use of technology)
    University of Missouri-Columbia
    Areas of Interest : Use of Technology, Language & Gender studies
    Contact :
  • Dubey, Rahul

    Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering)
    IIT Roorkee
    Areas of Interest : Design and Prototyping of Digital systems, Factory Automation
    Contact :
  • Garg, Gagan

    Ph.D. (Computer Science and Automation)
    IISC Bangalore, India
    Areas of Interest : Information theory, cryptography, number theory
    Contact :
  • Jat, Pokhar Mal

    Ph.D. (Computer Science and Engineering)
    ML Sukhadia University, Udaipur
    Areas of Interest : Databases, Data Mining, Web of Data, Software Design
    Contact :
  • Majumder, Prasenjit

    Ph. D. (Computer Science))
    Jadavpur University, Kolkata
    Areas of Interest : Information Retrieval, Natural Language processing, Digital Libraries
    Contact :
  • Banerjee, Asim

    Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering)
    IIT Bombay
    Areas of Interest : Pattern Recognition, Medical Imaging, Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Speech Coding, Software Engineering, Software Quality Assurance and Project Management
    Contact :
  • Garg, Shweta

    Ph.D (English)
    IIT Roorkee
    Areas of Interest : Food and Cultural Studies, Performance Studies, Creative Writing, Literature of the Indian Diaspora
    Contact :
  • Mathuria, Anish

    Ph.D. (Computer Science)
    University of Wollongong, Australia
    Areas of Interest : Computer Security
    Contact :
  • Mishra, Biswajit

    Ph.D. (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
    University of Southampton, UK
    Areas of Interest : Ultra Low Power and Sub-threshold Circuit Methodologies, Very Low Voltage Circuits for Wireless Sensor Networks, Digital IC Design, Power Management for Energy Harvesters, Signal Processing Hardware for Color Image Processing, Geometric Algebra and Novel Hardware
    Contact :
  • Mitra, Suman Kumar

    Ph.D. (Computer Science)
    ISI Calcutta
    Areas of Interest : Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Fractal, Bayesian Network and Digital Image Watermarking
    Contact :
  • Muthu, Rahul

    Ph.D. (Computer Science)
    Homi Bhabha National Institute, Mumbai
    Areas of Interest : Graph theory and algorithms
    Contact :
  • Parikh, Alka

    Ph.D. (Agriculture and Allied Economic)
    Cornell University, USA
    Areas of Interest : Rural development and the related issues like Agriculture, Poverty, Unemployment and Wages, Rural Finance, Environment and Development, Disaster Management
    Contact :
  • Sahu, Nabin Kumar

    Ph.D. (Mathematics)
    IIT Kharagpur
    Areas of Interest : Applied Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, Variational Inequality, Variational Inclusion Problems
    Contact :
  • Patil, Hemant

    PhD (Signal Processing)
    IIT Kharagpur
    Areas of Interest : Speaker recognition and wavelet signal processing
    Contact :
  • Bhise, Minal

    PhD (Computer Science)
    BITS Pilani
    Areas of Interest : Semantic Web, Distributed Databases, Software System Analysis and Design
    Contact :
  • Banerjee, Nandini

    M.Phil., PhD
    R D University, Jabalpur
    Areas of Interest : Economics & General Management
    Contact :
  • Pillutla, Laxminarayana

    PhD (Electrical Engineering)
    University of British Columbia, Canada
    Areas of Interest : Statistical signal processing, information theory, game theory, non-linear optimization, wireless sensor networks, cognitive radio, cross layer design of wireless networks.
    Contact :
  • Prof. N. K. Pathak

    LL.M.(Public International Law, Criminology)
    Gujarat University
    Areas of Interest : Constitutional Law,Environment Law,IPR,Public International Law
    Contact :
  • Prof. Ganpati Panda

    Ph.D(Electronics and Communication Engineering)
    IIT Khargapur
    Areas of Interest : Digital Siginal Processing, Adaptive Digital Siginal Processing,Machine Learning, Wireless Sensor Network
    Contact :
  • Prof. Ashish Kumar Panda

    Ph.D( Strategic Management)
    Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar
    Areas of Interest : Organisational Studies, Transition Strategies for Sustainability
    Contact :
  • Prof. Susanta Sen

    Ph.D( Radio Physics and Electronics)
    University of Calcutta
    Areas of Interest : Quantum Electron device, VLSI Design
    Contact :
  • Mr. Bhaumik Nagar

    M.Tech(Computer Engineering)
    Areas of Interest : Interaction Design, Embedded System Design, Technical Studies-II
    Contact :
  • Dr. Manish Khare

    Ph.D(Computer Science)
    University of Allahabad
    Areas of Interest : Image Processing, Computer Vision, Infrared Imaging, Applications of Wavelet Transform .
    Contact :