Sarat Kumar Patra

Professor & Director

Academic Qualifications

1998 PhD (Electrical Engineering)
University of Edinburgh, UK
Thesis: "Development of Fuzzy Based Channel Equalizers"


August' 2017 - now Professor & Director, IIIT Vadodara
July'2006 - July' 2017 Professor, NIT Rourkela
March'1989 - June'2006 Associate Professor/ Assistant Professor/ Lecturer (Sr S)/ Lecturer - NIT Rourkela
Sept'1986 - March'1989 Scientist-B, DRDO

Research interests

  • Communications
  • Signal Processing

Research Projects:

  • DRDO, extra mural research grant
  • MHRD
  • ITR-DRDO Chandipur
  • BRFST Ahmedabad
  • Anurag DRDO
  • PXE, DRDO Chandipur


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  • Students

    PhD Thesis Supervised

    S.No. Year Name Thesis Title Remarks
    1 2016 Subrata Maiti Monostatic Ground Penetrating Radar Signal Modelling for Characterization of Subsurface Media
    2 2016 Bhaskara Rao Jammu Development of FPGA based Standalone Tunable Fuzzy Logic
    3 2015 Mangal Singh On PAPR Reduction of OFDM using Partial Transmit Sequence with Intelligent Optimization Algorithms
    4 2015 Umakanta Nanda Design Techniques of Energy Efficient PLL for Enhanced Noise and Lock Performance Co-Supervisor With D P Acharya
    5 2016 Chithra R Interference Cancellation and Resource Allocation Approaches for Device-to-Device Communication
    6 2016 Prasanta Kumar Pradhan On efficient signal processing algorithms for signal detection and PAPR reduction in OFDM systems
    7 2016 Pallab maji On Design and Implementation of Generic Fuzzy Logic Controllers
    8 2015 Bibhudendra Acharya On the development of Novel Encryption Methods for Conventional and Biometric Images
    9 2014 S Natarajamani Some studies on design of planar antennas for UWB applications Co-supervisor With S K Behra
    10 2014 S K Das Quality of service estimation techniques for optical virtual private network over WDV/DWDN Networks.
    11 2013 S K Nanda (Dept of Mining Engineering) Noise Impact Assessment and Prediction in Mines Using Soft-Computing Techniques Co-Supervisor with D P Tripathy

    Current PhD students under supervision

    S.No. Student Name Co-Supervisor Broad Area or Research
    1 Madhusmita Mishra Prof. A.K.Turuk Optical Communication (To Submit in Jul 2017)
    2 S M Hiremath Prof. Amit Mishra, Univ. of Capetown Spectrum sensing in cognitive radio
    3 Satyendra S Yadav Prof Paulo A C Lopes, Univ of Lisbon Wireless Communication Algorithms for multi-core Architectures
    4 Varun Kumar Green Communication and Massive MIMO
    5 Byomakesh Mahapatra Co-Supervision with Prof. A K Turuk Networking & Secured Computing
    6 Jaya Prakash Sahoo Co-Supervision with Prof. S Ari Gesture Recognition

    M.Tech Research Thesis Supervised

    S.No. Year Name Thesis Title Remarks
    1 2016 Manas Ranjan Biswal Some studies on RF Measurement and Modeling for Assessment of Radiation Hazard
    2 2015 Amitav Panda Improved Vertical Handoff Scheme for K-tier Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
    3 2015 Goutam Kumar Sahoo A framework for remote patient monitoring to diagnose the cardiac disorder Co-Supervisor With Samit Ari
    4 2013 Bijaya Kumar Muni Physical layer implementation of a class of ZigBee Baseband transceiver using FPGA
    5 2010 Sanatan Mohanty Energy Efficient Routing Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks and Performance Evaluation of Quality of Service for IEEE 802.15.4 Networks
    6 2010 Devirani Guha Artificial Neural Network Based Channel Equalization
    7 2006 Ipsita Bhanja Performance Evaluation of Phase Optimized Spreading Codes in Non Linear DS-CDMA Receiver

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    • IEEE
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    • Taylor and Francis
    • National Academy of Science
    • IETE (Taylor and Francis)
    • Springer: Photonics and Network Communication


    • Sr Member (IEEE)
    • IE
    • CSI
    • IETE