Indian Institute of Information Technology Vadodara
(Institute of National Importance under Act of Parliament)
Dr. Ashish Phophalia

Assistant Professor

Academic Qualifications

  • Ph. D. (DAIICT), 2016
  • M. Tech. (DAIICT), 2010
  • B. E. (Raj. Uni.), 2008

Research interests

Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Soft Computing, Medical Image Analysis

Professional Membership

  • Life member of IUPRAI (L179)
  • Member IEEE, Signal Processing Society and Computational Intelligence Society

Work Experience

Research Assistant in BRNS sponsored project on Techniques for Robust Face Recognition with Pose Variation joined from Jan'2013- July'15.

Administrative Experience
  • Faculty Convener, Training and Placement Cell - IIITV
  • Treasurer, IEEE - Gujarat Section (2017- )




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Additional information


  • Winter 2016-17: Compiler Design, Models of Computation (Elective)
  • Autumn 2016-17: Formal Languages and Automata Theory, Pattern Recognition
  • Winter 2015-16: Compiler Design, Operating Systems
  • Autumn 2015-16: Formal Languages and Automata Theory, Principals of Programming Languages
Invited Talk
  • Invited Talk at Govt. Mahila Engineering College, Ajmer during WEAR-C-TECH 2015 event on Image Denoising-Over the Years-Traits & Trends, October 2015.
  • Presented a session on Image Processing, Introduction to 2D Signal Tool Box, and Image manipulation in National Workshop on MATLAB and Its Applications organized by CSI Udaipur chapter at Udaipur, Jan 2012.
  • Best Paper Award in National Conference on Future Trends in Information and Communication Technology and Applications (NCICT-2011), 2011.
  • Secured 3rd Position in IEEE Region 10 Paper Contest 2010 in PG Category.