The Director of the Institute shall be the ex officio Chairman of the Senate
Prof. S. K. Patra

Officiating Director, IIIT (PPP) Vadodara

All Deans, ex officio

Dr. Pratik Shah

IIIT (PPP) Vadodara

Heads of all Departments, Faculties or Schools or ex officio, as the case may be, comprising the Institute

Dr. Naveen Kumar

IIIT (PPP) Vadodara

Dr. Jignesh Bhatt

IIIT (PPP) Vadodara

Dr. Barnali Chetia

IIIT (PPP) Vadodara

All full-time professors other than the Deans or Heads of the Departments


Three persons from amongst educationists of repute

Prof. Anirban Dasgupta 

IIT Gandhinagar

                    Prof. Uday Khedker

IIT Bombay

Prof. Gautam Barua

IIIT Guwahati

Three persons who are not members of teaching staff co-opted by the Senate

Prof. Vimal Bhatia 

IIT Indore

                    Prof. Vishnu Priya

IIIT Ranchi

Mr. PH Rao


Registrar of the Institute, ex officio Secretary

Col Ravi Chugh

IIIT (PPP) Vadodara

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